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tv   The Daily Rundown  MSNBC  November 4, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PST

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>> there is no more delightful picture in american politics than in the green room. >> stick with the kids. >> stick with the kids. >> i learned that someone might take my job, but i think she is going to broadway. >> thank you. >> mine doesn't. >> great to see you again. >> nice to see you too, joe. >> nice to meet you. >> you have to come up to see this show. >> you have never seen it. that's fine. we get it. >> i have seen bits of it. >> mark halpern. >> kids say the darnedest things. >> thank you very much. it's way too early, it's "morning joe." here's "the daily rundown." >> queue the remote. 24 hours to go until the 2014 vote. looking like terry mcauliffe might break a 30-year trend in
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virginia. chris christie could have an overwhelming win. we will talk to his opponent. as famous faces help the virginia rivals, the man marco rubio shoved out of his party has his own announcement to make in florida. we will bring it to you live. a deep dive in why the republicans may be vasing that question, why can't you get the dogs to eat the dog food. good morning from new york. election week and it's a big deal for "the daily rundown." let's get back to our first read. who is going to win and lose the governor's races. it's not in doubt. what we want to know is what will the victories look like. how wide will the margins be and how will the parties respond. this is a rally in annandale, virginia. joe biden is campaigning for
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democrats. the ultimate swing state in the country, democrats could sweep all five major statewide offices. think about this. the two u.s. senate seats and governor lg and ag. that's all possible and if they do, it will be the first time since the nixon administration. then this stat. since 1976, the party that wins the white house lost the virginia governor's race the following year. democrats about to break that curse? looks like it. that brings us to the issue that is going to be of the chattering classes conversation after on wednesday. the thing that held the republican back in the obama era. the tea party that appears to have republicans headed for defeat. the party was taken over by the conservative wing on the swing state. the president on sunday have painted the general cuccinelli as an extremist and do their
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best to link him to the tea party in washington. you have seen an extreme faction of the republican party that has shown again and again and again that they are willing to hijack the entire party and the country and the economy and grind progress to an absolute halt if they don't get 100% of what they want. >> it was ken couch nell whoa brought ted to richmond two weeks ago. can you imagine if they ran the virginia government? >> cuccinelli joined on saturday, but wisconsin governor scott walker is trying to turn it into a referendum and trying to make it a referendum on the president himself. >> i am glad to have it here
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today too. on tuesday virginia can send a message to washington, d.c. and the rest of america and tell them no more denial of freedom for patients and doctors. >> careful what you ask for. the republican party wants that to be the reverent um on tomorrow's vote. he will stump with cuccinelli in culpepper. in an admission that libertarian candidate is syphoning off republican votes, the election day eve rally is with the libertarian hero himself, ron paul. what message will they take away from a bruising defeat in virginia. the non-tea party wing of the party is trying to flex their muscles. expect more i told you sos. do they claim that the cuccinelli loss was because he was too muted and because of the
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advisers didn't let ken be ken or does the prevailing view hold that when you hold the center, you are doomed to lose? swing states? the guy who went for a non-tea party strategy is taking a page from george w. bush's playbook trying to prove electability to national republican donors and republicans across the country and hope he ends up on wednesday morning the front runner of the establishment wing for 2016. the campaign is not hiding the message. look at the release called blue jersey. in the overwhelming democratic garden state, no republican candidate has earned higher than 50% of the vote in 28 years. >> for the republican party that lost last year in the presidential election, for the republican party that lost seats
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in the u.s. senate, for the republican party that has been disspirited for the last number of months, we need to show the republican party in america that we can win again. guess where they will be watching on tuesday night to see if we win. right here in new jersey. they will be watching us. >> christie is aiming for the widest margin of victory. he racked up a 750,000 vote margin and carried every one of the counties. virginia and new jersey usually vote together. if christie wins and cuccinelli loses, it will be the first time since 1985. forget about the streak about virginia going the opposite of what the presidential vote goes. how about that? since 1985 both have gone the same way in that governor's race. already on sunday, mitt romney was arguing the victory could be
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a sign of strength for 2016. >> chris could easily become our nominee and save our party. paul ryan and jeb bush and marco rubio. there is a long list of capable person, but he was one of the strongest likes. >> does ted cruz stand out to you? >> i'm not going to disqualify anybody, but i indicated the names that are most effective in becoming elected. >> one more story line as they take back over the party. this is a long time friend and ally. bill and hillary clinton have done ten public events. barack and michelle o bam done two. the highest ranking democrat yet, chuck schumer very
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enthusiastically and publicly endorsed hillary clinton for president. >> tonight here in iowa and i won't get this opportunity again, i am urging hillary clinton to run for president and when she does, she will have my full and unwavering support. 2016 is hillary's time. run, hillary, run! >> the clintons will have a huge ally as sitting governor in one of the three most important swing states in the country. in the course of this campaign, auliffe is testing out the messages running on his ability to be pragmatic and get things done. when chris christie put himself in the middle, that's one of the most interesting lessons. democrats can play to the middle without alienating the base. hillary clinton has not been
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able to do that and not lost the support of liberal democrats. you have to appeal to the middle. that's not happening in the gop right now. christie's tea party numbers have gotten worse. speaking of governor christie, he gets some company today. he's appearing at several stops with suzanna martinez. is this something they could only dream of? live in new jersey kicking off his day moments from now. . if they could dream up a republican ticket in 2016, it would look like that. >> the long time consultant to the governor and previously giuliani. it's like a test lab for 2016 being on the road with governor christie over the weekend.
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we have seen the and they are waiting to see governor christie where he is posing with people and taking photos and doing that big personality stuff that he does on the campaign trail. he is also talking to us along the way and i asked him about all of this 2016 buzz. here's what he had to say. >> it sounds like you are planning for a message beyond new jersey. is that fair? >> i'm not planning for it. it's inevitable. people try to discern things about what they mean of that moment and for the future. i think what people are going to see is so unusual. i hope they do. >> i also ask govern nor christie about his relationship with the president. he did not campaign for the democrat. he said he doesn't know if it
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has an effect on the race, but he wants to keep a professional relationship with president obama for the benefit of new jersey. just about every stop that the president won by 17 points just last year and in talking to the governor he wants to get that big margin to send the wider message about what republicans can do and he could do at the same time. always trying to be careful to say he is running for governor and wants people to turn out tomorrow. >> thank you, kelly. new jersey senator barbara buono will have a tough time because of the lack of support from the democratic leaders from the federal level on down. president obama came to jersey in may, he talked with the governor and played games with him on the boardwalk. he was one of about 30 officials before he spoke in the park. jay carney gave a somewhat tortured response to a simple question. does the president support barbara buono. >> i haven't done asked that
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question in a while. i will have to get back to you. i think he met with her in new jersey earlier this year. i don't have updates on that. he supports her, but i honestly -- sorry. >> the candidate for governor, rodney dangerfield. i'm sure you are saying this is frustrating. this is a governor running for higher office. he had ethical clouds surrounding him and it's something we need to discuss. there is no one more enamored with chris christie than himself. the fact is that there serious issues and if women knew and that's what we were trying to
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get through with that special election that this governor scheduled for u.s. senate and our election on the fifth, people are focusing on it. people say wait a minute, this guy is anti-choice, anti-marriage equality and anti-planned parenthood and anti-pay equity. he is aligned with the tea party with social values. >> it is hard for a large state like new jersey if you don't have the full help and. >> i have always been under estimated. in 1994, it was a veto-proof majority and we had a governor who was popular and i ran against the boss's candidate. as a woman it's never your time and wait your turn. i wasn't going to ask permission. i ran and i won. i ran again and i won. i ran for senate and i won.
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i became the first woman in the senate and they said i couldn't. one said to me, you are overplaying your hand when i wanted to be the first woman majority leader and i was successful. i always had an uphill battle in my and politics. i always surpassed expectations because i'm focused and i don't listen to the chatter. >> one of your ads had to do with hitting christie and that he is starting wednesday he may be focused on another race outside the state. do you think this poll hasn't gained traction jump that the voters say what's wrong with our governor. >> doesn't bother me that he is running for president. anyone who spends 25% outside the state and it's not to bring jobs back, but 400,000 people are out of work. what bothers me and what i said
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during one of the debates, october 15th -- >> we did. >> i said what bothers me is how he is running. every decision is calibrated about how it plays on the national level. our children's safety. he proposed a bill on 50-caliber rifles. he vetoes it. what do you think happened? they wrote him a warning and on no uncertain terms he said if you sign this, we will be working actively against you in a republican primary. that's putting our children at risk. he is not doing what's best for new jersey, but what's best for chris christie. he did a good job in the immediate aftermath of sandy. >> sorry that what he is being rewarded for is how he dealt
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with sandy? is that the hardest for you to crack some. >> he likes to package 4i78ds as straight talking when he is anything but. when he thinks it will hurt his chances as a primary candidate, he won't answer it. i asked him many times on national tv, do you think the supreme court was wrong to gut the voting rights act and protects the rights of poor and minoritie minorities, he wouldn't answer it. that's significant. >> it's the hardest thing to put yourself out there for elected office. good luck. >> we're crunched the numbers and theidate bank is next and our election day preview continues. we will hit the trail with another candidate. democrats are on track for new york city as the republican
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>> per back to the quick data bank in november. just like it was brighter when you woke up this morning, we hope to brighten your day a little bit more. 236 is how many races are on the ballot. 2020 alone in the states. this will be the test of how much of a punch chris christie can pack in the garden state and what the state of the republican party is in virginia. if there is little to no coat tails from the 2-1 lead, expect
6:21 am
knocks. a little bit on the presidential process. next up, seven. that's how many openly gay members serve in the house of representatives now that the main congressman came out in a column was around his bid for governor. he made the announcement because of what he called whisper campaigns about his sexuality. his colleague from colorado tweeted this. my gay dar missed it. but i'm happy to welcome him to team lbgt. one, it appears just one vote is needed to get to 60 in the senate for the employment nondiscrimination act to be on the way to clearing the senate. all 53 democrats both independent and republicans are expected to be on board. the first will come about 5:30 tonight. will they get that one more vote? my guess is yes. 100. "usa today" said that's at least
6:22 am
how many recreational marijuana stores are set to open in january in colorado according to the state's marijuana enforcement division. one of the most important swing states in the country will have all the marijuana stories. rocky mountain high. big news on a governor's race about tomorrow, but will be on the tips of my tongue for 2014. who is the last new jersey governor to serve two full terms. the first person to tweet the correct answer will get the on air shout out. the answer is coming up.
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"time" magazine's executive editor and cnbc contributor who is the correspondent for politico. how about that? this is in your magazine. john heilman said when you look at the bernie madoff fact, you can see how it could be a devastating 30-second ad in iowa and michigan and south carolina and anywhere where the primary would have been in a general election.
6:27 am
>> you look at the intangibles. christie's health and temperament and easy to see why the romney camp was spooked by him. it's christie's response and even publicly, none of this was new. john corzine can't make the case of a fact the way somebody else did. outside the state of new jersey. >> by new jersey standards, chris christy is fairly clean. how will that play in the living rooms of iowa and new hampshire? >> you just made yourself part of rand paul's advertising. by new jersey standards. >> the scandal there, it's interesting when he talks about the blue jersey, i have to appeal to democrats. the more relevant factor is
6:28 am
where inside not a failiated with democrats or republicans outnumber them. that's the largest and fastest growing segment of the voting population and where he starts to shine. that's the statistic to look at. >> when i think about christie in his prospects, i get stuck in the midwest. do you know and i was thinking about this. we have not elected a proud true north easterner since john kennedy. every other person has been a westerner, midwest or southerner. that region has failed. the caucus carry and romney is just three. that sort of plays in the midwest. it's a good question. the candidates he named. they are not chris christie. the guy is larger than life both physically and in political skills. he can transcend new jersey
6:29 am
moderate republican image and appeal nationally. the question is, can he get through the nominating process. the thing to watch is the extend to which the republican party broadly tries to limit the debates where he gets hit hard from the right and limit expose tower attacks from the right if they decide he is the guy they like to see nominated. that decision is to insulate him to allow him to get through. >> it has been interesting. new jersey democrats who are not crazy about chris christie wondered about why the party didn't see this race as an opportunity to start beating him up. just the opposite. the national democratic party by president obama and corey booker, the most prominent new democrat in the state. >> it's a good question and a lot of his appeal for independence is that he has been bipartisan. i'm sure people are thinking about the anniversary of hurricane sandy.
6:30 am
that's a very good question. >> you wonder if the clinton wing of the party wanted to know. hillary clinton knows this. it's a bit of a protective quantity. they step forward and it's that's null and void. i will take a shot at chris christie. if they are still engaged and let them fight it out. then make a decision about who is the candidate that you want to support. >> and the other is that by crazing christie, the more it fires up the tea party. >> that's the line of thought that if christie does well and gets over 60% and shows he is
6:31 am
too appealing to liberals and democrats, the more it hurts him in a primary. you don't want to be seen to that point about democrats unhappy that they didn't take him down a notch. we may learn we should have been going after him. >> very impressive. he got to define himself. >> yeah and you remember there was a lot of pressure on who could run in the last general election. he said it wasn't his time and you have to wonder if he said maybe my time is coming. >> he sounds like a guy who wants to send a message nationally. you guys are coming back. we are going to talk about the middle next. a deep dive and why the gop is
6:32 am
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yeah i got it right here. someone help me!!! i have a flat tire!!! well it's good... good for me. what do you think? geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. >> there is a saying when a company wants to prove how good the product is, it practices what it preaches. deep dive into what republicans can learn from the sentiment. no matter how much they are struggling to get their own supporters to buy their packaged dog food. for only the third time in the history of the poll, a majority of everybody, more than 45% here didn't identify with the other party. 29% identified as democrats and
6:36 am
just 20% self-identified as a member of the republican party. part of the reason more than a quarter of republicans have an unfavorable view of their own party. 7% said that about their own party. if you look at support for an independent cantidate for third party among republicans and democrats, 19% of democrats that would like to see a third party candidate in their race. the number is at 30%, an all time high from previous years. you might assume it is coming from disillusioned tea partiers, but it's not. the rest of the party is clip slipping away. we picked out three groups not typically associated with the tea party. the answer is increasingly yes. these are soft republicans. the number is up 12 points since 2010. among men without a college degree. among whites without a college degree. look at the groups that are
6:37 am
associated with the tea party wing. among rural voter, that went up one point. it was down among core republicans and down three points among those that self identify with the tea party. folks, this issue in the republican party is not about keeping the tea party from bowling, but moderates from bolting. that told us they seem willing to stick with the brand and rejecting the idea of the third party that other parts of the gop that maybe they are going to look elsewhere. chief media adviser to president bush and a contributor to the daily beast. the conventional wisdom has been that republicans have been sort of cow town to the tea party because they worry the tea party could bolt. >> that's not the issue. the members of the republican party are ready to bolt are moderates like yourself. >> absolutely, chuck. i think the good news is that the bad news is finally so bad
6:38 am
that the party is recognizing that the dog food sucks and we have to change the dog food. there four important points that give me encourage am. number one, groups like the chamber of commerce are signalling they will support the candidates. number two, the party is pen lying what we call profit for purity. the groups that go out as a matter of profit and supporting candidates who can't win. there has been effective pressure on ted cruz. he announced he is not going to support candidates against the senators and finally i don't think we can accurately estimate how big of a story chris christie's win is going to be and how bad the loss is for ken cuccinelli. the story behind chris christie is going to be huge. you may have picked somebody for the short list on that martinez ticket. good signs that the party is
6:39 am
waking up and seeing that we have to make big changes. >> you said something about mainstream and i was picking out the four points and you can feel the narrative developing. we will have a republican primary and a special election taking place in tuesday in al bam a. tea party versus non-tea party. this is a place where the tea party normally should win and i argue the expectations say the tea party is the place to lose. if they don't, it adds to the narrative. mainstream hasn't stopped the tea party before if mainstream groups are going to kiss of death. how do you prevent that from being the case in the primaries in 2014? >> i think you are right about the tea party, but i don't think the business community and mainstream republicans have really organized effectively and funded effectively in an effort to recruit mainstream candidates against the candidates and do it
6:40 am
early. i think the race you mentioned was where they are getting in late. i think that they are getting in now for 2014 and really realizing we have to change the dog food. >> i want to ask you about chris christie. one of the things they are trying to do is model it after what you guys did for george w. bush. are they doing it? do you think they have copied it well? >> very much so. there is a lot of parallels there and including and particularly a really important point which is how well he is doing with the fans. we knew in 2000 in order to win the presidential election we had to get 40% of hispanic voters and we got 41. because of the growing demographic, we got 44. that's a great signal i think and an important one, but also he is a true conservative, but he gets the compassion.
6:41 am
not compassionless conservatives which we have been seeing. >> what do you make of the fact that christie moves this message to the middle and on this issue, i talked to a burch of advisers saying they can't believe the middle was left there for them to have. they could appeal to the middle and not alienate the base. christie appealed to the middle and his tea party negatives have gone up. >> that's fine and the great thing about him is he is willing to step on toes and go in whatever direction he wants to go. the fact is in the general election, if it's chris christie versus hillary clinton, the tea party will go with chris christie. >> one of the brains behind the 98 strategy that got george w. bush to the national front-runner status the day after he won the governor's race. chris christie the national front-runner? >> absolutely. from midnight and the minute
6:42 am
they close the polls, chris christie is the front-runner. >> thank you sir. good talking with you. we have breaking news that the employment nondiscrimination act needed more vote in the senate. they got it and it was likely to happen. nevada senator announced to support the bill and whether the bill can pass the house is another story. he said the speaker believes the legislation will increase litigation and cost american jobs especially small business jobs. i guess that means the bill will not make it to the floof. we will back with more from the gaggle, but the white house soup of the day is navy bean. would have been more appropriate with the notre dame upset. i started part-time, now i'm a manager.n. my employer matches my charitable giving. really. i get bonuses even working part-time.
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. >> in addition to the races in virginia and new jersey, we will have our eye on new york, boston and detroit. they are getting new mayors. nbc 4 maris poll has bill deblas deblasio. only 8% of voters say they might change minds. 1% is undecided. joining me now by phone, i had this conversation with barbara buono. i ask you, it's uphill for you. how do you respond to the polls that say you are down by 20 or 30 or 40 points? >> the polls, the only poll that counts is the one tomorrow. i am seeing a ground swell of support and all five borrows. people will be surprised. it's a close race.
6:47 am
>> one of the things that jumped out at me is when he started attacking you for being a member of the party, you were like don't associate me with them. what did you mean? >> i have differences with the national republican party when it comes to social issues. i am very, very progressive and outside the mainstream. bill deblasio tries to tag me to republicans and the tea party. he does that because he has no vision for the future of new york. all he has done is bash, bash, bash. i am waiting for what he wants to do for the city. all he had in the past and quite honestly it's not enough to be the mayor of new york. >> the fact that you have an r next to your name that the national brand of the republican party and the way they view the republican party nationally that that's been a handy coop for
6:48 am
you? >> the only way my opponent brings it up, i spend the morning on the upper east size of new york and the large democratic area of new york. everyone who came up to me started out with i'm a democrat, but i'm voting for you. they list any particular reasons why. it's important for me to get my message and my vision out there and i have been doing a very, very good job of it. >> we have been watching your campaign carefully and i appreciate you taking a few minutes. stay safe. >> you bet. >> thomas king was the last new jersey governor who served two full terms. the only other governor since 1986 to be reelected. she resigned to be george w. bush's new administrator. congratulations to today's winner. somebody who is always good, doug mataconis. we'll be right back. (announcer) scottrade knows our clients trade
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final hours here, i always cue the ramons right now, all the campaigns want to be sedated and there's some big elections obviously. some national implications. let's bring back the gaggle. errol, the national implications. to me there's two story lines potentially. it's cuccinelli and christie, two wings of the republican party. one will win, one will lose it looks like. that's one story. the other one is the presidential aspects of all this. what's the bigger story, what's the long-term impact? >> well, i think they're really one and the same. you've got a lot of potential presidential information that's going to come out of these state races. which way did republicans break?
6:53 am
which way to independents break? particularly keep an eye on them. what's the white house going to do in light of all of this? are they going to take a victory lap? are they going to say that this shows we're the wave of the future? and of course what's the tea party going to do? so i think we're going to have a lot of information. everybody will claim victory. >> it is. radhika, i had a democratic strategist say to me when you look at the issue of health care and the impact that it could have on 2014, tea party and what it could have and the shutdown and all this stuff. a democratic strategist said, you know what, voters hate the republicans but don't want to reward the democrats. and that's short of this mcauliffe is winning reluctant -- in a weird way he's getting this swing vote reluctantly because they certainly don't want cuccinelli. >> i think that's right. it's a very cynical moment in politics. >> a great way to put it. >> thinking about the book "double down" about last year's election. we thought that was bad. this fall has been devastating for anyone who believes in government. but to me the most interesting
6:54 am
thing will be how the republican party decides whether it needs to really reshape itself. whether christie can be a viable mainstream establishment candidate for the republicans or they'll have to find some other way to navigate the path from now to 2016. >> and to build on that, ben, there is obviously a conservative group of folks who are aggressively going after -- mitch mcconnell going after some of these establishment folks. do they start beating up christie on wednesday now? >> that's a very good question. and the extent to which the republican establishment, if they decide they need to rebrand, protect christie from that and try to stop a grassroots republican effort to beat him up early. >> basically make him a referendum. >> i think you will see that. you'll see people attack him as this is not the guy we want in 2016. he's too moderate, he's too liberal. does the rest of the republican establishment, do they rally, do they organize? i think you'll see business a lot -- folks on wall street, these are the guys i talk to, they like chris christie a lot.
6:55 am
they don't want to get too close to him because that would hurt him to be seen as the wall street guy, but the money will be there. he can't raise it immediately because he's blocked from pay to play rules in new jersey, he can't raise from wall street. but he'll have plenty of money to beat back the tea partiers. >> errol, the swing voter issue. the lesson for the tea party, republican brand made it so joe lhota never got a chance. swing voters look like they're moving to mcauliffe in virginia and chris christie had to brand himself as a non-washington republican to win. >> this is what the question is. do you want to win arguments or do you want to win elections? if you lose race after race after race, at some point you have to say, well, it's great to be a big hero on talk radio, but it would be even better to win some races, take the country in a different direction, get a little patronage along the way. that's what this is supposed to be about. >> shameless plugs. >> our excerpt from "double
6:56 am
down" is called "a hunt for puffer fish" which was christie's code name during the vetting. it's about chris christie's vetting. >> very nice. mr. white. >> jennifer epstein on twitter, she's got a great piece on the emerging white house twitter mafia, how they're trying to win the argument on twitter. >> winning in 140 characters leads you to rhetorical characters. >> there's a bunch of races in the new york suburbs for county executive tomorrow. the one i'm keeping an eye on is westchester county. >> swing? >> it is a democratic challenger trying to take on a republican. the democratic challenger is an alma mater of an alumnus of my alma mater. >> well, there it is. thank you all. that's it for this edition of "the daily rundown." big congrats to florida state. i have to say that or i will be in trouble at home. speaking of the state of florida, you're looking live at st. petersburg where we're waiting for former republican governor, charlie crist, who once was an independent who is now going to be running as a
6:57 am
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liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? good morning. i'm chris jansing. a brand new book and the 2013 campaign trail. it's giving us a sharper look at how the 2016 race could shape up. it's clear that hillary clinton and chris christie are the prohibitive favorites. the new jersey governor hoping to use a big victory tomorrow to show republicans he is the most electable. mitt romney hinted christie could be the party's savior in 2016. hillary clinton is calculating her own appearances with her first foray back into the campaign spotlight, stumping for close friend terry mcauliffe. but that new book, "double down" is spilling big-time campaign secrets from the 2012